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Safety is important to you.


Horse welfare is a priority.


Having fun and making friends is key.


Learning how to do it right is critical.


If it's about horses, you need to be here! 


Kristi J.

We are very impressed and really enjoying our horseback riding lessons with Brianna. Our 8 year old twins look forward to the lesson every week! She is kind and patient but also serious and professional. I can’t imagine a better person to introduce our children to the love and care of horses! If we could give her 10 stars, we would!

Lourdes A.

It continues to be a wonderful experience. I signed up my 14 year old daughter. Bri has been very patient. She is very relaxed and calm when she is training my daughter. She gives clear instructions on how to handle the horse. She makes everyone feel safe when handling the horse. I would recommend her to anyone. I'm also taking lessons (age is not a limit).

Barbara K.

My 6 year-old grandson was a complete novice when he began riding lessons with Ms. Bri one year ago. I have enjoyed watching the lessons and to see the progression he has made with riding. Ms. Bri teaches the fundamentals of riding (voice, eyes, hands, legs and weight distribution) with a fun approach. I particularly like Ms. Bri’s calm, firm but gentle demeanor. I highly recommend Ms. Bri!

 Our Mission

Magnifinity's mission is to connect horse lovers with horses through horsemanship, dressage, and jumping. We offer a fun and positive environment that focuses on the well-being of horses and the progress of our students. 

We want to build a better you and a better world for horses through the best horsemanship. 

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About Brianna Gonzalez Magnifinity

"The best way to help horses is to help humans understand them."

     Brianna Gonzalez, equine exercise physiologist and USDF silver medalist, is a USPC Eventing "HA" and Safesport certified rider, trainer, and coach based in Ocala, FL. She teaches dressage and jumping through horse-centered horsemanship. She focuses on achieving a welfare-driven program that builds connection, trust, and understanding between horse and rider.



Brianna's Achievements

  • USDF Silver Medalist 

  •  USPC Eventing "HA" Certified

  • Safe Sport Certified

  • Certified Equine Exercise Physiologist​​​

  • Accomplished 4-H Graduate​

  • Qualified for regional, national, and international competition

USDF Prix St Georges Gainesville Fl Dressage
H171-K2_1500 MSPC 2016 (2).JPG
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