What does Magnifinity mean?


Magnifinity has various meanings, but in its most basic form it is the combination of magnificent and infinity. Infinity is the state of being infinite and to be infinite is to be limitless and impossible to measure. Combine this with magnificent, which is to be impressively beautiful, great or glorious, and Magnifinity is born. 

This combination was created to capture the quality of true beauty where something is beautiful both inside and out. Magnifinity's mission is to show you the true beauty of equestrian sport while endlessly pursing improvement. 

Definition of Magnifinity: Boundless beauty.

What can Magnifinity do for you?

What is more beautiful than horse and rider working together as a harmonious team? Magnifinity wants you to know what it is like to partner with these magnificent creatures. You deserve to know the freedom of a horse. Through Magnifinity any rider, beginner through advanced, can see the true beauty in the wonderful world of horses.  

Innovative Horsemanship

Magnifinity uses two ingredients to go above and beyond with horses. The first is innovative horsemanship which is good old fashion horsemanship combined with the ever evolving knowledge of horse psychology. This approach allows you to get the most out of horses by understanding their language. This understanding clarifies communication which is the key to a successful relationship. 

Innovative Dressage

The second ingredient in Magnifinity's recipe for success is dressage. Dressage is simply the training of horses. Pair that with equine exercise physiology and innovative horsemanship and you  are working with horses in a way that considers both their physical and mental make up. You can not break barriers in the equestrian sport if you do not combine correct mental work with correct physical work. 

The gateway to the boundlessly beautiful world of equestrian sport.