"I would not choose any other trainer than Brianna. Her passion and patience produce exceptional horses who not only have great manners but great skills as well. If the horse is difficult she is firm to create manners but is soft enough to encourage the horse to want to learn more. I truly could not recommend her enough."
 - Katelyn

     Brianna Gonzalez, the owner of Magnifinity, is a third-generation equestrian professional. With an associate science degree in equine exercise physiology, 20 years of experience, and her continued pursuit of higher education Brianna carries on with her mother's mission to give back to horses. 


The best way to give back to horses is to understand them better. Brianna saw a need to improve the overall education in equestrian sport. Thus she designed a proven program that turns ordinary people into extraordinary equestrians. Her program also turns misunderstood horses into magnificent partners. Brianna makes this happen through superior instruction based on equitation science and equine psychology. 



* Lifetime of experience

* Continually training with the best

* Associate Science Degree in Equine Exercise Physiology

* HB Pony Club certified

* Accomplished 4-H Graduate

* Competitive in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, and Endurance.

* Qualified for regional, national, and international competition

~Greatness in Equestrian Sport~