Ride with Gainesville, Florida's leading equestrian sports source!

Group Lesson


per rider

4-5 riders per lesson

Ability to join groups requires a minimum of 2 private lessons

Private Lesson



per rider

Semi-private Lesson


per rider

2-3 riders per lesson


The Benefits of Riding

Magnifinity wants you and or your child to receive the life-changing benefits of horseback riding. Horseback riding is not just for the elite. It is a benefit that should be available to all. Learning to ride offers a borrowed freedom that can not be found anywhere else. It is the gift of a connection with one of the greatest animals on earth.

In your first introductory lesson, you will learn why we groom horses, safety procedures, and the basics of riding. Magnifinity is committed to teaching good horsemanship and safety first. We strive to create well-rounded, patient, sympathetic riders, and horsemen. 

Joining this amazing sport will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment, a healthy and fun physical activity, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Let Magnifinity help you step into this amazing world of horses!

~Greatness in Equestrian Sport~